A Curriculum Tailored to
your Individual Needs!

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What Exactly will You do at Manage and More?

The aim of Manage and More is to provide you with the necessary skills, experience and network to become a successful intra or entrepreneur.

  • 3 semesters
    You will be an active Manage and More scholar for three semesters.

  • 15-20 hours / week
    You will invest 15-20 hours per week.

  • Flexible curriculum
    You will design your own curriculum.

  • Language: English
    The program is conducted entirely in English!

You Design your own Curriculum!

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  • Intro

    Kick-off Weekend


    Before the semester starts you will go on a little kick-off weekend where you will get to know the fellow students and the management team.
    Next to several team building activities you will also learn more about the program and the different opportunities available to you.

  • Business Design Bootcamp

    Before the semester starts you will furthermore participate in the Business Design Bootcamp of one week. Here you will get to know the design thinking approach through several hands-on activities.
    You will then apply this approach of coming up with innovative ideas in the Business Design Deep Dive.

  • 1st Semester
    1st Semester

    Business Design Deep Dive


    This is the innovation project you will be working on during your first semester. In a group with other scholars you will apply the design thinking approach to a business challenge provided by a partner company or VentureLab (3/4 of your time).

  • Internal Project


    In the first semester you will choose the internal project you ideally will be working on over the next three semesters (1/4 of your time).
    You can find more information below.

  • Optional Elements

    Next to the innovation and internal project you get the chance to attend additional offers. You can find more information below.

  • Semester 2 & 3
    Semester 2 & 3

    Innovation Project

    Choose one of 5 options as seen below.

  • Internal Project


    Continue working on the project you chose in the beginning.

  • Optional Elements

    Enhance your experience with optional offers as seen below.

The Innovation Projects (Mandatory)

During your second and third semester you can each time choose one innovation project out of 5 (in total you will choose 2 out of 5 projects over 2 semesters). The innovation projects (12 to 15 hours per week) help you to get experience in innovation management.

Business Design Deep Dive

Business Design Deep Dive

Innovation Management, Business Design

We offer you the chance to deepen your newly gained knowledge in innovation management and to gain project management experience yourself. As part of a student Manage and More consulting team, you will help companies such as BMW, Bosch or E.ON to design new products and services.
Startup Project

Startup Project

Business Design & Development, Pitching, Team Development

As part of Manage and More, you develop your own start-up idea and drive it forward with your team. You will be supported by experienced start-up coaches from UnternehmerTUM and get access to pitch events such as Start&Spread with valuable feedback from experts. Find your co-founder and get started!



In the E-Lab you guide start-ups through the first phase of their foundation. For this purpose, you will be trained as a student coach and then apply your knowledge. The goal here is to support teams in very early start-up phases and to guide the team in a successful direction as an external coach.
Agile Team Lead

Agile Team Lead

Team Development, Agile Leadership, Effective Leadership Methodology

Would you like to gain your first leadership experience while still studying? As part of the „Agile Team Lead“ track, you will be the project manager of a team of five new scholars, who you will lead through their Business Design DeepDive project. Here you will practice leadership, team development, stakeholder management and will be supported by experts!
Innovation Facilitator

Innovation Facilitator

Project Management, Innovation Techniques, Workshops

Are you passionate about modern working methods and project management? Then the Innovation Facilitator format is the right choice for you. Together with another scholar, you will prepare one-week business design sprints with an industry partner and carry it out on your own. Experienced trainers will support you, and there are no limits to your ideas.


Pre-Incubation, Business Development, Coaching, Sparring

You support a team in successfully developing their already existing idea. During the Pre-Incubation Program, you will work with founders and startups with technology-based ideas and prepare them for incubation and initial funding. Valuable experience that will help you with your own start-up.
Jones klein

The Internal Projects (Mandatory)

In the internal project, the scholars take responsability and further develop the Manage and More program as such.

In the first semester you will choose the internal project you ideally will be working on over the next three semesters. (1/4 of your time).

An example is team digital who created this website. Other teams work for instance on the start-up tour, pitching events, social media, partner management or other fun community activities.

Program Supporting Elements (Optional)

Additionally to the mandatory projects at Manage and More there are a number of optionalelements that you can choose next to the mandatory program.



We are convinced that if you want to lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself. As a scholarship holder, individual sessions with coaches are available to you. The focus here is on your personal development and the topics you would like to work on individually. This could for instance be navigating the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a woman. Sounds exciting? It is! Take your individual skills to the next level.


Get to know new people, companies and ideas throughout the semester. Examples are our Meet and Mingles at various startups in Munich where you get to know the company as well as the people, the Start and Spread – one of the biggest pitch events in Munich, our Start-up tour to the hotspots of the start-up scene worldwide, experience days at companies such as BMW and many more!


Each semester, you can participate in up to 15 exclusive workshops led by experts in order to reflect on your individual strengths and weaknesses and work with them. Topics include, but are not limited to leadership, self-organization, rhetoric, artificial intelligence, unconscious biases and many more!
Mentoring 1


Mentoring at Manage and More provides you with an experienced professional. You will be matched with a person that can help you with your individual interests, needs and career goals and give you insights from their professional as well as private experience. This is a great opportunity to get insights into environments you would like to immerse yourself in after your studies.
International Opportunities 1

International Opportunities (Optional)

Manage and More holds partnerships with renown universities around the world which enable our scholars to gain international experience.

The exact offer differs from semester to semester so we can not guarantee specific offers in advance. However, in previous semesters scholars for instance went to Israel, China and the US.

When going abroad for some time you take a break from Manage and More and continue the program after you have returned.