The Chuzpe Israel Innovation Fellowship

The Program – A professional and cultural learning experience alike

In order to experience and gain as many insights as possible into the Israeli innovation ecosystem, Manage And More has set up a unique internship program. 

The internship is split into several components to provide a corporate perspective on how to source cutting-edge technologies for a large company as well as include a start-up experience of how to build a company from the bottom-up.


To provide the corporate perspective, the fellow will be interning part-time with PARTNERS PARTNERS & COMPANY (PP&C), the strategy consulting firm representing UnternehmerTUM in Israel. 

The second part of the internship will consist of a stint with a start-up in a field of the fellow’s interest. Once chosen for the program, PP&C will help to identify a start-up of interest and support the fellow in securing an internship with them. 

Throughout this internship, PP&C will also mentor and tie the fellow into further activities, such as tech journeys and technology scouting visits that will give additional insights into the Israeli innovation ecosystem but also Israel’s complex and exciting culture, history and politics.


Lastly, the fellow will engage in their own consulting project for one of the companies belonging to the Hörmann Group. The goal of the project is to identify a startup from the Israeli ecosystem that provides a solution for an area the chosen company seeks to innovate. This puts the fellow in the unique position to serve as a mediator between corporate and startup.   


The fellow will learn to support large European corporates like Axel Springer SE but also medium size companies like the 3D printing systems manufacturer EOS. This first part of the internship will provide insights into how to support and serve a corporate and also learn how to operate and communicate in their language, essential to any entrepreneur who is looking to start their own company and is seeking funding and corporate customers.

Supported with a monthly stipend of 1300€ by the Hörmann Foundation

As a family-owned company, corporate responsibility and social responsibility go hand in hand for the HÖRMANN Gruppe. Every year the Hans Hörmann Foundation sponsors talented, top-performing students in partnerships with fellowship programs such as Deutschlandstipendium at the Technical University München or the Manage And More program in Munich, which enable students to explore interests and engage in projects beyond the realm of their normal studies.

Social responsibility in the form of bridging differences and teaching tolerance is the motivation behind the foundation’s choosing to support a study abroad program with Manage And More, by which students spend several months learning and working in the start-up culture of Israel. Through this sponsoring activity the foundation hopes to stimulate intercultural exchange and promote an appreciation for cultural diversity in a highly creative and innovation driven ecosystem.

Previous Fellows & Their Startups

“One gets insights into several projects/corporates! It is a great opportunity to deeply dive into Israel’s innovation ecosystem.”

Martina Preis, G35

M.Sc. Informatics

Start-Up: Vertical Field

“German corporates love the straight forward culture of Israeli Start-Ups just as I do.”

Franz Schubart, G32

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Start-Up: Addionics

“Through the fast-paced environment in Israel you learn to quickly break-down different aspects to what’s important.”

Elena Wegner, G35

B.Sc. Management & Technology

Start-Up: AD Knight

“You develop as an entrepreneur in a farming start-up, as a tech scout of an innovation consultancy, and as a co-author of an ESMT business case.”

Katharina Hessler

M.Sc. Management & Technology

The Association for Urban Farming / [p3] Werkstatt